4 Helpful Tips on Logo Design

1. Always design your logo in a vector base program (ex: Adobe Illustrator) first!

Your logo should be a vector graphic, a rasterized logo is a bad logo.
With a graphic logo, you can:

  • Scale your logo as small as you want it or as large as you want it without your logo turning pixelated.
  • Editing your logo will be fast and easy in the long run.

2. Typography – Limit the amount of fonts you use.

When designing a logo, don’t use too many fonts. Too many fonts can make your logo look cheap and weak. You want to have a strong logo and one or two fonts will give you more stability than 3 or 4.

3. The logo design should represent the company.

When designing logos, the logo should represent the company. The logo is the vision of the company. By looking at a companies logo, you should already be able to determine what kind of company this logo is for. Don’t use a whacky graffiti design for a law business corporation.

4. Use Color Last

When designing your logo, design first in black and white. You want to first build a strong logo that can stand being printed in black and white, then add color. All logos will be printed in black and white at some point so you want it to be able to stand alone. Colors make a difference on how it looks and feels.

One think you might want to stay away from is too many gradients. Gradients can lessen a look to a logo and there could be issues when printing on different colored papers and backgrounds. Gradients and color sometimes might look great in color but when it turns into a gray-scale, black and white, might look hideous.

If your logo looks too small though… just use this! Make My Logo Bigger Cream!

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